My paintings are made in response to events, encounters, sensations, in my own life. I paint in a visceral, fairly intuitive way, like a sort of diary; often as a series of thoughts, impulses and feelings, rather than as carefully thought out concepts planned from beginning to end. I am more concerned with my internal landscape which I try and translate in an intuitive way. There is a visual order that seems to emerge where I can alter my own invisible reality. Images emerge, get covered up and then new narratives appear.


My paintings are a bit like me: sometimes impulsive, colourful, expressive and direct; other times, withholding, enigmatic, introspective and restless. Always its about the language of communication. I’m also trying printmaking where I’m etching as attempt to be less impulsive and more considered in my approach. It’s a much more laborious way of working than painting for me, but I'm beginning to like the meditative language. It also affords me the chance to build my images with a variety of marks and scribbles. I’m still keeping the abstraction, but with a trace of an image or something identifiable.

© 2019 Sue Kaplan